How I stop My task as well as ended up being a Full-time travel blog writer

It didn’t occur overnight. Ça c’est sûr.

It’s not like I woke up one morning as well as just called it quits. Well, actually, it was type of like that. I woke up one dreary morning, as well as as I was forcing myself to get up, I caught something painted on the ceiling — my future. Of program it wasn’t real. Of program I pictured it. however as I lay in my bed looking at the huge white canvass above me, I began to recognize that this was not the life I wished to paint. I just might no longer beat my alarm clock as well as wait on it to sound just since I dreaded to wrap myself in one more business attire as well as do the whole 8-5 routine.

It’s not that I hated my job. Je l’ai aimé. It’s just that I didn’t want it to be the only thing I did. I liked traveling a bit bit more. as well as since I couldn’t do both at the exact same time, I had to choose. That morning I selected to stop my job.

But not so fast. If I was going to do it, I would have to do it right.

I never organized to be a travel blogger. If my college self would see me now, he’d be like, “What the hell are you doing with your life? There’s an effin’ career ladder in front of you, effin’ climb it!”

My whole like affair with airplane tickets as well as seat sales started in 2007. My grandfather passed away, as well as I had to fly to Puerto Princesa to go to his funeral. In the middle of mourning, I might not assist however be blown away by the sheer natural beauty of the place. On my flight back to Manila, I guaranteed myself that I would return, as well as this time around enjoy it. A couple of years later, I was able to do just that.

I began going on weekend getaways more frequently. work difficult on weekdays, travel harder on weekends. I was happy to be trapped in that clockwork. The more locations I set foot on for work, the more I was influenced to work harder, save bigger, as well as ultimately go farther. however as my destinations ended up being brighter, my business task appeared as well as felt bleaker. as well as it led to that morning in 2010 when I just discovered myself staring at the ceiling.

Some people — braver people — would just data their resignation right away. however I wasn’t one of ’em take on people. There was so much at stake, so it needed some cautious planning. It took a long time, however the wait was worth it when I was lastly ready.

Here’s the process that I went with to stop my job, provided with the concerns I asked myself as well as what I did to address them.

Qu’est-ce qui est couvert dans ce guide?

1. Is traveling truly what you want?
2. If you stop your job, exactly how will you support yourself?
3. Are you willing to sacrifice?
4. Do you have a plan B?
5. No question: just do it!
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1. Is traveling truly what you want?

Passion has ended up being a buzz word since I hit mid-twenties. I always hear it in interviews, speeches, as well as even random conversations with friends. Is this your passion? Quelles sont vos passions? Funny enough, they were the very first concerns I asked myself. I needed to be sure if it was truly the life that I would want to lead. Is this what you want to do for the rest of your life?

Pour le reste de ma vie? Not sure about that. however travel was what I enjoyed immensely. It was definitely what I desired then, as well as it is still what I want now. I understood that it was something I might do for a long, long time. It didn’t matter to me if it was something I might dedicate to for a lifetime. What mattered to me was this: I wasn’t happy then, as well as I needed something to change.

My point is — If you’re not happy, do something about it. If you requirement something to change, modification something. Don’t wait on things to occur for you, make them. even if it takes time. even if involves huge changes. Don’t fear change. modification is life. You’ll never “live” life if you keep avoiding it.

2. If you stop your job, exactly how will you support yourself?

Of course, you requirement to work, one method or another. You can’t just buy a airplane ticket as well as beg for money when you’re there. (You might do that actually, however come on.) If your target destinations are those needing visas, then you’re screwed if you’re unemployed. thing is, there are so many chances out there. TANT. Vous avez juste à regarder.

Quelles sont tes compétences? Pouvez-vous écrire? Can you take great pictures? Can you do graphics? Can you establish websites? Are you up for online assistant-kind of jobs? There are countless tasks online, as well as if you’re patient you can make it a steady source of income.

Why online? since it is location-independent. You can work from anywhere, as well as you can begin even before you stop your job. try to do it in the evening or on the weekends, as well as see if you’re fine keeping that type of set up. After all, that’s exactly how it usually turns out on the road most of the time. You travel during the day as well as work at night, preferably with a bottle of beer in one hand. Haha.

There are other chances on the road. I have satisfied a great deal of travelers who teach English when they travel. Some work at farms in exchange of food as well as lodging. SoloFlightEd worked as a waiter at a resort in Malaysia for a couple of months to get by. What’s that old saying? Aaah, if there’s a will, there’s a way.

Photo: scratch Map Philippines. offered for P1350 at Quirks!

3. Are you willing to sacrifice?

Was I sure that this would turn out all shining, shimmering, splendid for me? Sûrement pas. If anything, I was rather sure I would have to provide up a great deal of things. believe about it. Trading a full-time career with travel is going to leave you with tectonic adjustments. Can you photo yourself surviving a lower-paying or inconsistent job?

You may be asking: if I provide up my job, exactly how am I going to pay for travel? The answer, sacrifice. many people believe traveling is expensive. Well, it is expensive. Relativement. however it is NOT as costly as others state it is.

The biggest monetary boulder is always the airplane tickets. however even that is not that huge of a issue anymore. SEAT SALES ARE REAL. fais-moi confiance. almost all the tickets I utilize I get from seat sales. You just have to understand exactly how to do it. Here’s exactly how —> exactly how to book inexpensive Fares.

Once you make it past the airports, it’s a great deal easier. Hostels over hotels. street food stalls over restaurants. Buses over planes. Backpacking over prearranged tours. You’ll be surprised exactly how affordable it is to travel.

Still, it demands that you provide up a part of your lifestyle. Par example:

If you’re the type who needs to have a cup of Starbucks coffee each morning, you’ll see exactly how much more you’re gonna save if you ditch the habit. as well as you will pick up many lessons such as this along the way.

But money isn’t the only problem. connections will be affected. Are you prepared to spend a great deal less time with your liked ones? Are THEY prepared, too? Are you supporting your family? Are you in a dedicated relationship? Make sure they understand.

4. Do you have a plan B?

Let’s say, it doesn’t work out for you. Qu’est-ce que tu vas faire?

This is why you shouldn’t shed bridges. close them, however not burn. In the off possibility that travel isn’t for you, at least it is simple to reconnect with the life you abandoned, ideally this time around with a different perspective.

In my case, I made sure that before I quit, I was positive that it would be simple for me to discover work even if I go freelance. I did my finest to excel in my full-time job, sufficient to be noticed by prospective clients. I made sure I had a powerful body of work, an impressive portfolio.

I hated working full time then, however I did not dislike my job. I liked marketing. I liked what I was doing. travel is my biggest romance, however advertising is my very first love. I kept in touch with my advertising roots even on the road. as well as they are both extremely rewarding.

5. No question: just do it!

If you believe you’re ready, then what are you waiting for? If you’re in your mid-20s like me, what’s stopping you? You’re young, not many responsibilities, not much to lose. There is no much better time.

Quit it, as well as book a ticket to somewhere awesome!

Again, this is exactly how I did it. I do not mean that you comply with this, however only to offer a peek at the process I had gone through. other travelers did it differently. many of them just jumped into it blindly. That’s great, you know, if you believe it’s for you. It’s just that I just had to plan the whole thing. as well as that’s okay too.

At the end of the day, all travelers want the exact same thing — to fly. I desired my spirit to soar however not by climbing an imaginary career ladder; I want a genuine mountain, a genuine summit, a genuine experience around the world. far beyond the pigeonhole that was my office. With a much wider view than from the top of that fuckin’ imaginary ladder.

Maybe someday I’ll be back. I sometimes miss my business life terribly, to be honest. Peut-être. Un jour.

But for now, I believe I’m staying outside, where I might get up as well as see not a blank ceiling however wild clouds chasing the blues away. It’s always a fantastic sight.

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